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Drop Off Location

We have a paved drop off area located in Bristol, PA.  The location is close to the PA Turnpike, I-95, and Route 1.  The paved area allows us to run a magnet and broom over it multiple times daily to prevent loose nails and scrap from ending up in your tire.  It also prevents you from driving through inches of mud to certain drop areas.  With our advanced scales and software, you just pull into a numbered parking spot and we bring the rest to you.  Even the money is brought directly to your vehicle when finished.  Just bring a valid ID to set up an account and you are ready for all future transactions.  Once set up, we can have you in, out, and on your way as fast as you can unload your scrap!

Container Services

Own a business? Doing a large clean-out? Have a big load at a job site?  We have a solution for all of these answers with our roll-off service.  We service many commercial accounts in the Mid-Atlantic region that have industrial sized loads.  We can drive to you and help you load or drop and pick-up as many containers as you need.  Just call or email with a description of the material and we can give you your best options.

Available Containers:

-Open-top containers (various sizes)

-Closed box truck

-Flat bed 


-Metal Crates


Scrap Education

We understand that the scrap industry is always changing and has "grey" areas.  Trust us, we learn new things everyday.  We will always answer questions thoroughly to help you better understand the process.  This will give you the best insight on how to "clean" your material, in turn putting more money in your pocket but also preventing you from wasting your time preparing certain metals.  

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