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What to do?

1) Pull into one of our parking spaces on the side of the building.  Longer vehicles (trailers, box trucks, etc.) please pull toward the back of the yard.


2)  Open your hatch or tailgate and one of our employees will come over to your vehicle to assess your load.


3)  We will bring the proper containers (hoppers, racks, pallets, totes) to your vehicle to unload your scrap.  If you have a mixed load, we can weigh each item as they are removed from the vehicle.


4)  Once weighed, we will bring your receipt (which is completed as each item is weighed) and payment directly to you at your vehicle.

Helpful tips

  • Have your items "cleaned" and sorted prior to arrival

  • Clean up any nails or debris after unloading

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help

  • Arrive with enough time to fully unload your vehicle

We pride ourselves on having a clean yard and excellent service to keep you and your vehicle safe.  Please follow these procedures and tips to help us better serve you and our other customers.

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